From the article you will learn:

what violations of the rules YouTube imposes sanctions for;
what is the risk for the channel of non-compliance with copyright;
what will be the duplication of your own content?;
why it is dangerous to make product reviews from Chinese online stores;
what is GDPR and what should travel bloggers beware of?
Failure to comply with the YouTube rules may lead to complaints from users, strikes, and blocking of the channel. Therefore, in order not to lose your channel, it is important to know what YouTube punishes content authors for, pay for youtube view.

1. Violation of community rules
These are the basic rules that all authors need to know. YouTube warns about possible sanctions even at the registration stage, when the user agreement is concluded.

Basic rules:

You can not insult and intimidate other people
YouTube asks you to respect the point of view and creativity of other people. Community rules prohibit:

leave threats on the pages of other authors and call for insulting other users;
write discriminatory statements or post similar videos (any incitement to hatred on the basis of nationality, gender, religion, or age is prohibited);
disclose other people’s personal information (publish passport details, bank account numbers, and insurance policies);
upload content created against the will of other people (for example, with a hidden camera);
use a social network for sexual harassment.
Before you publish something on your channel, you should think more than once about the possible reaction of subscribers. YouTube’s rules allow viewers to file a complaint, which often leads to a strike.

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You can not impersonate another person
Authors may impersonate another person or illegally use someone else’s brand/trademark. All this is a violation of the rules and threatens to block the channel when complaints are received.

If the author wants to inform YouTube about the assignment of his name, then the complaint must be accompanied by evidence (photos, a copy of the passport). It is important that the complaint is well-founded. YouTube may delete a user’s account if they abuse the submission form or do so unreasonably.

You can not upload content 18+
Videos with scenes of pornography, violence, fetishism, and humiliation are prohibited from being posted on YouTube. The exceptions are videos of an educational, documentary, or artistic nature. The video itself should be useful, but not overly detailed.

Risks when posting video content with erotica:

viewers complain about the channel, and it gets a strike;
YouTube sets an age limit on the video, and it cannot be monetized.
It is forbidden to post videos of a sexual nature with the participation of minors. Channels with similar content are blocked.

You can not post dangerous and harmful content
Among such materials, YouTube includes a video that:

it serves as an instruction for the manufacture of weapons, explosives, drugs, and other things prohibited by law;
calls for violence, suicide, or harsh treatment of people or animals.
If the YouTube content service considers the video dangerous or harmful, it will be removed from the network. There may also be age restrictions on the video.

2. Non-compliance with copyright
YouTube monitors copyright compliance. Assigning music hits, photos, or video content can lead to irreparable consequences for the channel. You can use third-party content only after checking the copyright on YouTube.

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The copyright applies to:

Videos. The copyright holders protect online videos and recordings of TV shows, concerts, movies, and music videos with the standard YouTube license. You can’t copy such videos without permission.
Music compositions and recordings. It is legally allowed to use music with a Creative Commons or Public Domains license. You can find it in the YouTube music library or in special music libraries.
Pictures, photos, and works of fine art. You can not assign images, photos, ads, and other graphic material from other authors. The content must be created independently or downloaded from verified photo stocks. You can find photos for consolidated commercial use on the services Death to the Stock Photo, Unsplash, Gratisography, etc.
Lectures, articles, or other written works. It is forbidden to use copyrighted articles or other written material as scripts for videos. The exception is the materials in free use.
If the YouTube content service detects copyright infringement, the channel owner can get a strike even without warning. This happens when a video, music, article, or graphic image is entered in the Content ID. The assigned content is deleted, and along with it, new subscribers received likes and comments disappear.

It is important to remember that the channel is blocked when three strikes are received. But even one strike is enough for the channel to lose its position in the ranking. The result is an instant reduction in traffic and a reduction in earnings.

3. Advertising of counterfeit products
Videos with product reviews from AliExpress, Alibaba, Taobao, and other sites are of great interest among the YouTube audience. But if the product is a fake of a well-known brand (Adidas, Nike, iPhone, etc.), then the video can be blocked and removed from the channel.

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How not to make YouTube angry: reasons for blocking channels
No luck…

YouTube’s legal policy provides for the removal of content that contains advertising of counterfeit products. Therefore, it is also necessary to select products for reviews and unpacking so that there are no complaints from viewers and advertisers.

4. Duplicate video content
YouTube prohibits the publication of identical or too similar videos. Such actions are equated to gray methods of promoting channels. But the situation is complicated by the fact that YouTube does not give a clear definition of the concept of «duplicate content». Therefore, it is not fully known which video will be considered a duplicate.